Unusual Health Practices That Do Exist

It's interesting to know how people have gone to many methods to preserve their health. The following are some health practices that may not even be known to many and may even be considered as strange. Let's take a look at the benefits of each one.

The first health practice is leech therapy. You heard it right. This therapy uses leeches in treating medical conditions. It is believed that leeches can suck bad blood and enable for faster healing.

The second method is breatharianism. With this therapy, it's a premise that food is not required to live for as long as we breathe the right way. You might think it preposterous but there are those who believe in it. This is especially true since it doesn't cost anything and won't even require you to buy any equipment. 

Another unusual health practice is drinking cow urine. This is heavily practiced in India. It has even been reported that there groups that try to produce soft drinks from cow urine as more and more people believe that it keeps them healthy and the urine helps to treat medical conditions. A cultural group in India also proposed the use of cow water from cow urine. But these medical claims are not yet proven.

Then there's what is called the tapeworm diet which is a more courageous thing to do. This involves taking up a couple of tapeworm pills. They are known to eat away at your semi-digested food which keeps you thin. You may stop it once you are satisfied with the results. This is a bit dangerous and that's why the FDA interfered. Check out the online doctors website for assistance and information. 

Wearing ionized jewelry used to be considered a breakthrough in science. In fact, there are brands that launched ionized bracelets for pain relief. The manufacturers claim that they increase vitality, balance, and performance. An example of this is Q-Ray. They are no longer available now as they faced court cases regarding the composition of the bracelets.

Ice cube diet also became popular for a while as people were led to believe that chewing on ice cubes can help curb weight gain. The problem with this method is that it can cause several dental concerns.

Bee venom is also an unusual practice wherein the venom is applied to certain areas of the body to treat arthritis, herpes, and even breast cancer. This practice is popularly practiced in China and they do offer sessions for it. Check out this FAQ for our online doctors to learn more.

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